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"Patience, Preparation, Purpose"

Zenith Performance provides private hockey coaching in Sydney and mentoring for hockey players of all ages and levels. Through 15 years of coaching experience and 7 years of private hockey development we have been able to refine the art of individual player development in a 1 on 1 coaching environment and in a small group.

We are all about results and growth. Because of this we prefer to only offer private and small group coaching sessions, as we believe that this is the best way for an athlete to achieve their full potential. Our private sessions deliver results in half the time as compared to larger group coaching and the traditional "hockey clinics". We also charge per session instead of time blocks. Our sessions are a minimum of 1.5 hours and often have been known to stretch out to 2 or 3 hours. 

Private coaching at Zenith Performance is only available to a select amount of athletes at a time. We believe in investing our heart and soul into each athlete and being fully committed to supporting their needs on and off the field through our athlete mentoring program. We also offer many benefits such as equipment and tournament sponsorship, nutritional and recovery support and full access to our sports med team 24/7.

Book in a free session today and see why we have been involved in the development of so many Sydney, NSW and Australian players and continue to be the choice of many of the games top athletes when it comes to developing their skills and athleticism. 

Book in a session with the best in Sydney hockey coaching. 

*No Contracts or Upfront Payments*



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